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Child... You are Divine!

A while ago, I was soaking after a long jog, when I noticed that my skin didn't appear to be my skin. I recall it looking and feeling like the flesh of a reptile or a fish without scales. It wasn't until then that I gained a totally different perspective of myself. I can influence my cells just by mere thought and deliberate action! Before then, I was just going through the motions of life: Meditate, Eat, Work, Stress, Stress, and More Stress, Yoga, Beach, Dance, and Sleep. Nothing was intentional. Life was living me instead of ME LIVING LIFE! I had lost myself in the thicket of what others thought and told me I should be. I was so focused on their dream for me that mine had dwindled to a fragment of hopelessness. I had brought into the idea of believing what others saw in me was a better way to get to my dreams than listening to my own intuition. I started going completely out of my way to feed their vision, not realizing that I couldn't have been any further from my goal and truth. I was TIRED. My sleep wasn't sleep. I had reached a place in life where I had to choose between life and death. So I slept on it because I wasn't ready to make that decision yet, or so I thought. During the spring of 2017, I had a different kind of experience. One that was familiar but completely different. I was reacquainted with myself through the image of someone else. They had become my muse, kind of like a carrot before the horse. I woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed, READY FOR THE DAY. I chased after the feeling with everything I had. I began to put in work to rid myself of the thoughts, ideas, and beliefs that I held on to that no longer fit the bill. Hummingbird was my given name by said person... and rightfully so. Looking into names, I ran across Ife, Nyarai, and Nuru and they each warmed my heart and attached themselves to me. I let them lay dormant for while until I made the choice to live. I had studied my muse week after week, with each week requiring me to work on one aspect of me. Chasing him down to complete my thought. Ha! Lesson after lesson, I gathered wisdom, insight and understanding of self and let go of everything else... including my muse. After so long, I'd learned to trust, honor, and love myself. The more time I took to do these things, I understood that I must continue to strip away the pattern of looking outside of myself for information. I am Divine and all that I need is already within me. Daily, I fight to shed myself from my EGO and pursue my Higher Self in every capacity. In doing so, Ife Nyarai Nuru stepped forward to share her divinity with the world.

So WHY the name:

Ife means woman of love... (who I am)

Nyarai means be humble (what I’ve learned)

Nuru means being of light (my divine purpose)

I am to teach people how to balance the feminine and masculine within through love of self! As I love self others around me begin to shift as well.

WHERE do they come from:

Ife comes from the Yoruba traditions of the West Indies

Nyarai comes from Zimbabwe

Nuru is West African.