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Organic Hair Balm

Organic Hair Balm


Organic Hair Balm is a concoction of essential oils and creams to nourish, fortify, and grow your hair. It is an amazing product to use if you suffer from brittle, thinning, and balding. It comes in 3 sizes: 2oz, 8 oz, and 32oz. It can be used as often as needed for damaged hair, once restored and balanced, use after a wash or when the scalp feels like its due for some! Do not store in direct sunlight. Contents include: Shea Butter, Lwil Maskriti, Essential Oils, and a crafted hair loss blend to promote growth and restoration.

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    Once you wash your hair, use the balm to oil your scalp. Massage into your hair and style! Only a little is necessary, over use will result in oil spots in fabric. Store in a dry cool space, don't expose product to direct sunlight.


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