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I Honor YOU!

Naturally Nyarai is a centered on healthy living. Offering various health conscious products that have been crafted in my kitchen to bring life to one's skin, body, and spirit!

What is in the name?

Naturally: I choose to honor the Earth by observing the laws of MAAT, or the Natural Laws of the Universe.

Nyarai means "be humble," I regard this to as the reduction of the Ego to allow the Spirit of one's self to shine with boldness.

Each product is designed to bring our physical bodies in balance with our Spirit and Mental Being, resulting in Exhilarating Harmony within oneself.

Natural Herbs
Medicinal Herbs
Natural Medicine
Herbal Remedies
Homeopathic Bottles
Natural Medicine

Ife Nyarai


I am Ife! First known to the world as Christal. My journey to healing self started when I was a child. However, I was not aware of the steps I was taking until the last few years. As I got older, I became conscious of what I was putting in or on my body and where I was going. I made a commitment to myself to experience only the best of everything. Every opportunity I get I expand in that commitment. I have decided to share all that I have learned and continue to use with all of you! THANK YOU VERY MUCH for the opportunity share my energy with you!


Ray MacMason


 Ray is the driving force behind all of the daily operations, marketing, delivery of the products.


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