What is in the Name?  Naturally Nyarai

Being humble dims the light of our ego and consequently opens our heart to receive the light of others. Learning to be humble is quite a difficult task. From an early age, we accept praise as a reward for a job, task or deed well done. It becomes a massage to our ego. Our ego continues to grow but when this self assuring energy starts moving from our heart, the foundation of our love, to our head….we start moving away from our interconnections with others to oneself. 

NYARAI originates from the shona people of Zimbabwe in Africa. it means "be humble".


Naturally Nyarai is grounded in total body wellness. That’s why our mission is simple: give you, our clients the wellness education, tools and resources that they need to BE divinely YOU. To be happy, healthy, and capable of managing life’s pressures. Get in touch to get started! 

Beautiful Landscape

Marion Madison, Mother

She was an educator, a fashionista, a home maker, a master in the kitchen, crafter, gardener, and herbalist. She loved the arts and literature. Music and dance for sure! She is in me


Daisy L. Byrd, Grandmother


Hannah M. Altman, Grandma

My grandma was a pistol packing Soldier, who would give the last shirt off of her back. She was hard working, an excellent cook, and took no BS. Her home was her throne. Kind hearted and Regal.


Beverly C. Hauser, Grandfather


Richard Altman, Grandfather

All about Family! Do for one, do for all! The provider. The Sailor. The love he had for his children was unmatched. While I never met him in person, We share some of the same passions and endeavours.


Ancestors I Don't Know


Ancestors I know

Each one of my loved ones planted seeds, watered, and tended to me, creating the individual that I am today. For them, I give thanks for the many lessons, blessings, protection, and assistance everyday!

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Future Generations